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1919 Prisoner of War letter card to Wuga, sent from P.O.W. Oswald Joppe at the Tura Camp in Egypt. A FIELD POST OFFICE 'A' 15 AU 19 datestamp is on the front of the letter along with a boxed British Military P.O.W. censor strike in violet and a 'Passed by Postal Censor, Tanga' boxed cachet. Aden 23 AU and Mombasa 23 SE 19 transit cancels are on the back. Wuga was a Mission Station near Wilhelmstal. It was at this mission station in March 1916 that the printing press prepared a provisional series of three stamps, (2½ and 7½ Heller and a 1 Rupee) that were never issued because just when they were ready, official ‘Hohenzollern’ stamps arrived.