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1918 ‘On Active Service’ cover to Pte. D. Folkes, RAMC, at the General Hospital, Salonica. The cover has been forwarded on arrival. On the front is an I.E.F. “B” F.P.O. No. 320 / POSTAGE FREE On the back is an F.P.O. 320 16 SE 18 datestamp (used at Dodoma / Tabora), Army Post Office 15 & 18 NOV and Field
Post Office 78, 4 DEC 18 datestamps, where it finally reach the soldier, F.P.O. 78 being at Ruschuck, Bulgaria. Of The Salonika Campaign. By 1917 a multinational Allied force under French General Maurice Sarrail numbering 500,000 troops faced the Bulgarian Army and German, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish units, totalling 300,000 men. The front line stretched from Albania to the mouth of the River Struma in Greece. A very uncommon cover going from East Africa to Salonica, particularly with the medical connection.