Transvaal / Boer war

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1903 envelope from Porterville, Cape dated JA 13 1903 and addressed to J W F Rahder, c/o Mr L Bergsma. A violet oval JOHANNESBURG PRISON 28 MRT 1903 handstamp is on the front of the cover. On the back is a Transvaal T.P.O. 16 JA 03 transit cancel. J W F Rahder was born in Amsterdam on 22 August 1875. In August 1901 he was arrested and charged with assisting burghers to leave Pretoria to join the Boer Commandos. He was sentenced to two years hard labour in Johannesburg Prison. He was released in September 1903. This letter was sent to a friend who then delivered it by hand to the Johannesburg Prison. A very fine and rare cover, Rahder being one of very few people sentenced to prison for assisting the Boers this way.