Transvaal - Sekukuni War

Ref: A4352
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SEKUKUNI WAR. 1880 cover to England endorsed at the top ‘On Service in the Field – No stamps procurable. J McLeod Nairne, Cape 94th Reg., Comga Troops, Fort Albert, Lulu Mountains’. A LYDENBURG JA 12 80 cancel is on the front of the cover along with a Cape Town transit cancel. The cover has a circular 1/- tax mark. A Southhall FE 20 80 arrival cancel is on the back. After the annexation of the Transvaal on 12th April, 1877, Shepstone placed some pressure on Sekukuni who finally agreed to accept Shepstone's conditions for remaining in the Transvaal. However, early in January, 1878, there were unmistakable signs that Sekukuni was preparing for hostilities with a view to driving the Europeans out of the area on the eastern side of the Lulu Mountains and, in February, 1878, about 100 of Sekukuni's men joined with Legolwana in an attack on Pokwane. This unsettled situation in the Transvaal set the stage for the Second Sekukuni War in November 1879. The Transvaal Field Force consisted of 1 400 British infantry, 400 mounted colonials, and about 10 000 Natives. They attacked Sekukuni’s stronghold on 28th November and after a few days Sukukuni was captured. A force was left in the area in case of any further uprisings. A rare cover from this campaign