Transvaal / Zulu War

Ref: A3730
  • £1950.00

1878 registered cover to Cape Town with a 1d and 6d (damaged) tied by a concentric circle’11’ canceller of Utrecht with UTRECHT DE 10 78 and DE 16 78 datestamps at the left. The letter was sent at the 1d soldiers’ rate and the 6d added to pay the registration. This 6d is from position 36 of the left pane with the missing ‘ZE’ in ‘ZES’. The cover has been countersigned by J.Newman, Quartermaster 90th L.I. A Registered Cape Town JA 3 79 arrival datestamp also ties the stamps. Cover faults but an important item from a member of the Northern Force that crossed the Blood River and attacked Zululand on January 10 1879.